A11Y Rules – Website Accessibility Solutions

EqualWeb( opens in brand-new tab) makes the bold claim to be “A world leading option for digital ease of access.”A11Y Rules… It has its world head office in Israel, with an US based workplace in Manhattan, New York City. It has over twenty years of experience, working with both the blind and disabled to make digital content more accessible.

ada compliance was certainly an aspect with our decision to select equal web it has become an extremely important requirement for serving clients that may have specials needs so it was very crucial that we chose a service that was totally ada compliant hi my name is mike hornock and i am the ceo of the motor bookstore it’s a website that accommodates diy mechanics both professional and newbies our choice to deal with ecoweb was based upon a bunch of research i took a look at all of the options out there and i thought by far this was the best option technically and also from an usability standpoint the driver for seeking out a service was first to resolve and repair the issue where an individual with specials needs could set up their needs on any page and it rollovers to the checkout with the eco-web option there is this widget and the widget

is what you see is what you get they do a complete remediation and they also have manual screening from genuine individuals in their company that have disabilities in my viewpoint the number one biggest advantage of working with eagle web is their team they communicate well through e-mail through phone and they are very knowledgeable and respond extremely rapidly to any questions that you might have we would definitely advise equal web to any owner of a service that has a website the equal web widget was really easy to understand we felt that that was just a great thing to have because keeping things simple is incredibly important and we think that’s a lot more essential for people with specials needs

The team at EqualWeb features folks with various backgrounds such as designers, programmers, IT personnel, and marketing experts. They all cater to making a website more available for both the blind, and disabled. Emphasized is that this business prioritizes the security of its clients.

EqualWeb attempts to make its service as easy to use as possible. The journey to website compliance for accessibility starts with the easy action of setting up a Google Chrome browser plugin. This plugin can then check for web availability concerns through an automated algorithm, and determine possible updates to increase the availability. EqualWeb suggests that this initial action can locate and recognize about 70% of issues. This approach deals with HTML pages to bring them up to compliance with WCAG 2.1 requirements. With the scan complete, a visual check list is generated in the sidebar of the Chrome internet browser, and a removal widget can begin the procedure of correcting the problems determined.

In those cases, EqualWeb offers its group of ease of access professionals, and a Complete Remediation bundle. An Accessibility Certificate is made to license the work done by the inhouse availability specialists.

Unlike most of its competitors with total opacity of the costs of their strategies, we find the upfront pricing from EqualWeb to be a welcome modification. It is suited for a small size website of up to 100 pages, and up to 10,000 regular monthly visits. The next tier up is called Medium which for $49 a month has a comparable function set and can handle up to 1,000 pages and 100,000 month-to-month sees making it appropriate for a medium-sized site. A11Y Rules

Moving up to the next plan, which is called Large, also has the very same functions, however can deal with a big website of as much as 10,000 pages and 500,000 monthly check outs. This most popular plan has an expense of $109 monthly with similar cost savings on a yearly basis. At the top tier is the plan that gets called Substantial, and for $169 monthly it can manage a substantial size website up to 100,000 pages and up to 1 million regular monthly visits.

Meet Equalweb, A cutting edge AI accessibility option integrated with customized manual changes that can be released to all platforms and websites immediately. It’s easy to utilize, and satisfies all international accessibility requirements. With Equalweb you get: A Qualified Fully accessible website under ADA regulations.